Womens Cycling has come a long way but still more to go….

I caught up with Adam Abramowicz of KindHuman Bicycles and Jen Audia of Liv to give me their thoughts on where women’s cycling is and where it needs to go for continued growth


Jen Audia: Liv


Niche’ : denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. Hmm…I wonder if women’s cycling is really a niche now or…or…is it the dominant growth aspect of cycling?

Chew on this:

TotalCyclist DivaCycling Camps have grown 110% in the past two years.

Karen Bliss: For years I was a skeptic bike racer who thought women-specific bikes were just marketing hype. After all, I did just fine racing on the same kind of bike my male counterparts rode. As a marketer, I couldn’t bring myself to buy into the message that women needed special bikes. It’s only recently that I recognised the women’s market as truly viable. Not only viable, but the key to growing our business.

Adam Abramowicz: KindHuman Bikes

According to Harvard Business Review, women control $15 trillion in spending power. These numbers represent a market that is double China and India’s growth markets combined.  According to Forbes, women make 80% of the decisions and are expected to spend $125 billion this year. 80% of all travel decisions are made by women.

Most women, just like when I was raised in the 70’s, still purchase 80% of what the common household eats, drinks and other items. Now, that purchasing power is moving into the cycling and multisport industry.