Here’s why!

That’s the LOADED question. Well the simple of it works. If you go to a reputable Indoor Cycling Center and have a well respected coach leading the classes the results will truly be incredible. We have noticed that if you participate in our Winter Training Series you will see gains of anywhere from 10-30% increase in your FTP!

There are many factors.. but the simple ones are:

  1. You are PAYING to get faster. The accountability of a paid service versus training in your garage is much higher.
  2. You get coaching! Someone to guide you, answer your questions about nutrition or training or …whatever you want.
  3. It’s in a group atmosphere! Nothing is more encouraging than to see 10-20 other athletes working hard, doing the same workout and getting results!

Indoor training takes you AWAY from your mundane, daily ritual and adds spark. The intent of a 20 week winter program is to go after all of your “energy systems” and improve them. Everyone has a weakness. Indoor cycling will eliminate those weaknesses.

Why Indoor Cycling versus a spin class? It’s YOUR BIKE! What’s better the direct approach of using your bike during workout? Hell, you paid a lot of money for it. Why not use it? Plus, it’s a better way to translate the hard work you are doing inside…to the outside.  Indoor Cycling programs are a great way for newer cyclists to reduce THEIR learning curve. Clipping in….yes clipping in. Learning when to drink. Learning when to eat. The veteran cyclists enjoy the programs because it’s the “difference maker”. It helps them get from a “B” rider to that elusive “A” group.

What you should look for:

  1. Reputation. Does the Training Center have history and results
  2. Quality programming. Do they work with all levels of athletes?
  3. Friendly schedule. Do they offer a 5:15am and a 7pm class? If they do…they WANT to make you faster
  4. How often should you go? 1-2 times a week. However, do not do hard intervals twice a week from November-January! You will be flying in March and dying in May.

Hope this helps! If you would like more information feel free to contact us!



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