Definition: First among equals

That pretty much defines what our TotalCyclist Diva Prima Ambassador program is!!!

We are very excited to announce our 2018 DivaCamp Prima Ambassadors. These women have show a unique ability to grow the sport of women’s cycling through their passion, achievements and goal setting.

Meet the Primas:

Kathi Katko

Kathi Katko is a Physical Therapist by profession but also loves dogs, travel and cycling!! And of course Pink 🙂 I have been a PT for over 27 years and have had many hobbies. I have been cycling for the past 7-8 years. I started riding to get ready for a cycling tour in Italy on a hybrid. I loved it do much that I bought a road bike and kept riding. Next I went to Austria and the Czech Republic. Absolutely beautiful trips. For the past 3 years I have been growing and pushing my comfort level. I have explored the mountains of SC/NC, rode my first Century in Lake Tahoe, and this past year completed The Ride To Remember, 3 days, 252 miles of Fun with my Divas!  I have attended the Marietta Camp the past three years. I have found my family at Diva Camp. I love learning new skills and making life long friends. I want to share my love of cycling with more divas.

Donna Zurawski


Donna Zurawski became an avid cyclist after doing her first sprint triathlon in 2012. After discovering TotalCyclist in June 2016, attending multiple Diva Cycling Camps, and hiring Chad Andrews as a coach, she hasn’t looked back. Her passion and commitment for cycling are inspiring. Being selected as one of the first Prima ambassadors for TotalCyclist’s DivaCycling Camp in 2018 is one of the highest honors she has received. Donna is looking forward to promoting cycling in the Charlotte area, especially among women of all ages because cycling has Changed Her Life! She aspires to become a coach in the future.
Donna lives in Monroe, NC with her husband, David and enjoys travelling. When she isn’t riding her bicycle, you can find her spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Caroline Day

Born in epsom and raised in london england, i came over to the USA in late 1989, bright eyed and ready to work, travel and find new experiences. I guess i did all of the above as, save a couple of family illnesses, i didn’t go back! I found jobs in technology and was able to get a Green Card and eventually Bill Clinton made me a citizen!
I’ve lived in a number of different places in the US, all along the east coast, and settled in the south for its sunny climes, 4 seasons and warm winters.
I have always liked to be active – I’ve hiked, kayaked, rowed, and I started running and riding a hybrid bike (slowly) when i lived in Atlanta, but it wasn’t until i moved to charlotte in 2000 for  a job with a startup company that i got more into the running community and ran 3 marathons!
Life got in the way after a few years and I lost my fitness and gained quite a few pounds. It was about 2 years ago that i decided to take up road biking, thinking that a somewhat lighter bike than my 40-lb hybrid would make me faster and id be right there with every group ride. Well ok then, maybe not!  2 years of riding, working on fitness, sprint triathlons and discovering Total Cyclist and the Diva Camps, latterly along with excellent coaching, has made me leaner, healthier and yes, faster.
2017 has been a transformative year – losing 40 lbs, riding across South Carolina with a group of Divas for charity, 100 miles through London England, the odd Gran Fondo, and a PR on a half marathon is way beyond anything I expected to happen.  I cant wait to see what the next year will bring!
My favorite things to do now are – cycle and travel, perhaps with a little wine  so Diva camps are perfect for me! And there’s still a little running in there too.
Some other fun facts:
I have hosted wine tastings and karaoke parties, my children are felines ;-), I work with an animal rescue, once went scuba diving with sharks, sing a mean ‘Black Velvet’ and am a big Elvis fan.

Dionne Fleshman

My Name is Dionne M. Fleshman and I am a cyclist out of Columbia, South Carolina.  I have been cycling for about 15 months and I absolutely love it. I am 45 years old, wife of 20 years and mom to 2 teenage boys ages 14 and 16.  My 14 year has high functioning Autism and my bike has been a way to bring me focus and clarity in living the life of a special needs household.
I live in Columbia, SC and have most of my life.  I have my undergraduate degree from South Carolina State University, and my Masters degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA.  I own my own Human Sources firm and have been in business for 10 years this past October.
When I am not riding my bike, I enjoy photography, spending time with my family and reading.  

Fran Lasowski


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