So you need help on finding a coach…we got ya!

TotalCyclist knows. We know that you, the athlete, will eventually consider getting a coach. We’re gonna help you!

We recently got a request from our PodCast listeners about what are some good practices on how to hire. TotalCyclist has been in business since 2004. We have been asked so many questions on why the athlete should go with us as their coaching company.

We decided to break it down to a few steps that we think you will find valuable.

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We know that there are many different coaching companies. Thousands of styles to get athletes better and faster. Don’t go into a potential relationship with a coach on the premise that all coaches have the same way to get you where you want to be! Sometimes the best coaches adjust their plans for you to change things up drastically. For you golfers it’s like breaking a gold swing down to it’s simplest for. Deconstructing.

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