#8 TotalCyclist Podcast and Blog: Jeff Viscount and Ann Groninger talk about a CRASH!

#8 TotalCyclist Podcast and Blog: Jeff Viscount and Ann Groninger talk about a CRASH!

The Crash.

Has it happened. Will it happen!?

You and your bike in a situation that you never really thought would happen. You and a car get tangled up. You and another cyclist get tangled up.

Listen in as Ann Groninger and Jeff Viscount talk about what to do in the event of a bike crash. You’ll hear about how to protect yourself logistically (Jeff) and legally (Ann). You’ll learn, among other things:

  • What to do if someone in your group ride crashes
  • How to talk with police who come to investigate
  • What information you should gather
As always a fun time was had in the making of this podcast. We hope you enjoy!
APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND> Some tech issues. Turn it up!

#5 TotalCyclist Coaching Podcast: Sam Smith and Rocket talk stretching

Sports & Orthopedic Massage Therapist, and a Functional Strength & Conditioning Trainer Sam Smith of Greenville health and fitness and Dr Christy Keely (Rocket) discuss the need for stretching for ALL endurance athletes.

-Strong Foundation: Stretching, agility and more
-Most don’t know how to stretch
-Pre-condition the muscles and certain body types for stretching
-Strains and tears
-Preparation is different for each individual
-How do I know what to stretch
-Sports specific stretching?
-Good hurt: 3-5 minutes for fascia and shorter for other
-Neuro implications?
-Muscle fiber damage
– We are gonna get “sciencey” on you
– 5 stretches
-Big toe muscle

About Sam Smith:
She graduated from the Greenville Tech Massage Therapy program early in 2011, and completed an additional course in Sports Massage. After practicing massage for 18 months as well as teaching classes and personal training at The Edge Endurance Training Center, she and business partner, Elisa May, opened Greenville Fitness & Rehab in January 2013.
In 2015 she began working with the US Paralympic Cycling team, and in 2016 accompanied the team to the Rio Paralympic Games as one of the team’s massage therapists. In 2017, she continues to be part of the US Paralympic Cycling support team as massage therapist, and in a new role as strength and conditioning coach.

#6 TotalCyclist Coaching Podcast: Ann Groninger/Jeff Viscount. Group Rides are a hell?!

Jeff Viscount (Weekly Rides) Ann Groninger (Bike Law)talk group rides:
– What is a group ride?
– What is a “social ride”
– A/B/C group rides
– What is a ride leader and the no drop rule.
– Where should a ride leader position themselves?
– Size, skill, terrain
– When do you ride single paceline or double?
– Should you wave a motorist around your group?
– Is it ok to pass cars at a stoplight?
– Make a pass safely and stoplights yellow and red
– What is CLEAR and its safety issues.
– Greenways and it’s safety issues.
– Electric bikes..oh..no!
– What is the concept of the GROUP RIDE!

#7 TotalCyclist Coaching Podcast: Chad Andrews: How to hire a coach

TotalCyclist Founder Chad Andrews talks about the best way to hire a coach
– Should you hire a full time coach? I got asked that!
– Google is good and bad.
– Frequent contact (Phone, text and the best options)
– Ride with your coach?
– Nutritional insight
– Does the coach “Get you”
– Emotional support!
– Certifications or not?
– What value does experience bring to the coaching?
– Vet the coach. Interview them!
– Budget and what you get for that money.
– Oh…interview the COACH!

#2 TotalCyclist Coaching Podcast: Chris Ritter: Strength Training

Ritter Sports Performance founder Chris Ritter talks about strength training for endurance athletes:
-One Plane athletes?
-Broad scope of strength training
-Success comes from strength training
-Recruiting Motor units
-whats the first thing you do before starting: homework
-Core strength? Posterior strength?
-Strength training for multisport
-Strength training for runner
-Cyclists IT Band? Runners? whats the cause?
-Assesment/target weakness/balanced program

#4 TotalCyclist Coaching Podcast: Ann Groninger/Jeff Viscount. Cycling Law and Safety

Jeff Viscount of Weekly Rides and Ann Groninger join Chad to talk about:
– Cycling law.
-Cycling safety
-Video and social media in cycling and it’s legal ramifications
-Legal/Safety of Saturday world championship rides
-“Shareows and bike lanes? Laws that govern
-What’s the correct approach for dealing with aggressive motorists
-Where can we find info on cycling safety and law

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