#3 The Chad and Brad Cycling Podcast: Chocolate Milk and Beer

-Chocolate Milk
– Our past weekend
-Line up for start 30 minutes before>?
-Mountain Biking!
– Coryn Rivera with BIG WIN
– We called out a particular “Thing”
-Did you really just race face me? No wave
-What’s a non wave called?
– Bonus system for pro riders
-Team versus clubs. What are they?
-USA Cycling supports of the clubs and teams.
-Here we go with a group ride and a social ride…again!
-Travel with your bike
-Bike NINJA!

#2 The Chad and Brad Cycling Podcast: Grow our sport

Chad Andrews and Brad Sohner talk pro cycling:
– Reviewing Podcast #1 Pay to Play.
-Not able to watch Strade Bianchi
-TV rights to 1 place.
-People just need to understand!
-Commonwealth Classic goes Kaput
-Kickstarter amount for a bike race? MILLIONS.
-Festivals are the way to go.
-NASCARS Jimmie Johnson gets it?
-Disc Brakes are EVIL
-Riders union and what’s right and wrong
-Weather and the union.
-How does the union compare to others?
-TRACK Cycling rocks!?
-Favorite track events
-Stop light track stands and their value?
-Cycling: Why don’t most cyclists use the bike as fun?
-Get out and ride with standard pedals and baggies 🙂

#1 The Chad and Brad Cycling Podcast: Pay to Play?

Chad Andrews and Brad Sohner talk pro cycling.
– Race entry fees and are racers paying enough?
-Are racers racing to much
-Standard of events are to low
-Crit racing versus road racing, what’s the end game?
-Funding the big crits, who has the responsibility?
-Splitting the road and criterium calendar
-The demise of Philly
-Pro Cycling racing and why we can’t watch because of TV Rights
-Sponsorship issues
-Really need to invest in Live Streaming?
-Pay to watch and play?!

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