#3 The Chad and Brad Cycling Podcast: Chocolate Milk and Beer

-Chocolate Milk
– Our past weekend
-Line up for start 30 minutes before>?
-Mountain Biking!
– Coryn Rivera with BIG WIN
– We called out a particular “Thing”
-Did you really just race face me? No wave
-What’s a non wave called?
– Bonus system for pro riders
-Team versus clubs. What are they?
-USA Cycling supports of the clubs and teams.
-Here we go with a group ride and a social ride…again!
-Travel with your bike
-Bike NINJA!

#4 The Chad and Brad Cycling Podcast: Criterium racing: Gene Dixon and Steven Cullen

Chad and Brad talk about Criterium racing in the US..joined by Gene Dixon of USACrits and Steven Cullen of Fasturdays.
-Scotch and Cigars
-Gene Dixon jumps in
-Brad discusses how to make crits successful
-Shimano cycling team and how crits started
-Athens started it….
-The struggle is real.
-Worst business model in the world
-Brad is Live streaming and the expectations of it
-Pay per view or donate per view?
-Legacy and how cyclists expect free
-The complainers
-Brad says quality over quantity
-Top pro’s or the Cat 1
-Gene Says “That’s Crap!”
-Crit racing from Steve Cullen: Seperate discipline
-Why the fascination to crit racing?
-Crits need their own league
-Industry needs to be a publishing company. Widgets
-USA Cycling
-Steven has been eaves dropping!
-Gene thinks he can get 2 or 3 of 10 sponsors..but needs help
-We are confused by the PRT and shouldn’t be in business of promoting.
-Hire a firm to help us
-Packaging and monetizing the sport of criterium racing
-Sales pitch to make it a more successful model
-Blue Chip companies are the key
-Budget should be spent on getting national level media to the races.