“And this is only the beginning to my journey”

Donna Zurawski changes her life through cycling     Athletes come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, abilities etc. However, all of them would agree that to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, you need to be happy and healthy! DZ (Donna Zurawski) Did...
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World Class athletes from a unique perspective.

Moto madness at the Tour of Utah (Photo credit Jonathan Devich) I've been in this sport for a very, very long time. I've been commentating for over 15 years and done some great gigs. I've worked the stage for some of the biggest events all over.....China and North...
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You can’t ignore this, but you will try

STRESS and the Performance athlete TotalCyclist is in the process of moving the business and lot's of plates are up in the air. I have learned over the years that stress can be a huge part of the move. You add vacation for staff, injured athletes, the inability to...
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Cookie Rides: It’s all about the percentages 🙂

Yeah yeah! That TIME OF YEAR! It's Cookie ride time. You're training long hours. Getting ready for that big event. Gunning for that PR?! Awesome! But sometimes it's best to think percentages of finishers. Here's a video from last year to get you kick started and ready...
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